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hand carpet made

Hand-made carpets

Hand-made carpets are traditionally more expensive than those made by machines. Though there are several carpet-making methods, including braiding, hand tying (or hand knotting), hooking, shearing and tufting, the most common of these are braiding and hand knotting.
Braided carpets are done by connecting or tying strips of fabrics together. Hand tying or hand-knotting are usually done on rugs. Countries that are known to produce beautifully crafted hand-knotted rugs include Spain, Portugal, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan and Japan (among others). Hand-knotted rugs are descendants of Oriental Rugs and can be made in any shape, size, coloured or design.

The finished carpet is taken off from the loom and the designs & patterns are trimmed by scissors.

Final Touches
The dried carpets are given final touches by re-trimming and stretching, where ever necessary. The purpose is to bring the fabric woven in level at the surface.